David Williams
Director of Operations and Development
Bloomington Parks and Recreation
Team Involvement:
Alan Hamersly, P.E. - Department Manager


Located in the heart of downtown, this trail enhances the mobility of the pedestrian-friendly area. This 3.1-mile link connects east and west downtown merchants, government offices, and the convention center. Along with providing an alternative transportation route, the trail created recreational opportunities, serving as an art district, linear park, and farmers market location.

The project involves several signature features including the Third Street Gateway, a five-span pedestrian bridge crossing at Patterson Avenue, Wonderlab and Farmer's Market Plazas that are suitable for performances and festivals, lighting and drainage work.

The B-Line Trail has become the standard that all Indiana urban/suburban trails strive to become. This project has spurred more economic development, created a greater sense of community, utilized and created public space along the trail, and eliminated barriers within the city.