Michael McBride, P.E.
City Engineer
City of Carmel
Team Involvement:
Aaron Davenport - Vice President
Neil Bennett, P.W.S - Project Manager


This trail connects the Monon Trail to Carmel High School and commercial areas on 146th Street. This project provides not only access to trails for physical fitness, it provides restored habitat for wildlife in an urban environment, creating a tranquil environment for improving one's health.

Our Environmental Department designed three habitat restoration areas for mitigation: a forested wetland, riparian floodplain, and an emergent wetland. The wetland restoration areas use the trail's runoff as a hydrology source and allow that runoff to infiltrate into the ground. This system uses wetland habitat creation as a green design principle to integrate the trail into a natural landscape with minimal effect. The riparian floodplain restoration stabilizes the banks along Little Cool Creek and creates a connected wildlife corridor along the trail.