Kevin Hetrick, P.E.
Project Manager
Indiana Department of Transportation
Team Involvement:
James Deahl, P.E. - Department Manager
Bent Friend, P.S. - Department Manager

2013 International Right of Way
Association Project of the Year


The Ohio River Bridge project is a testament to what can be accomplished in a focused environment of teamwork and accountability. This Ohio River downtown crossing connects Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana and is critical for national commerce. However, the demand for its use had outgrown its age and capacity; being built in the 1960s it had fallen short of modern design standards, compromising the overall safety of this corridor. The solution for this scenario came in the form of a new bridge, built adjacent to the existing one, with new interchanges being designed on both sides of the river. To do so in a densely populated urban setting would be a monumental challenge. The schedule mandated that a number of Right-of-Way consultants be engaged for efficiency - it was known that 48 land parcels would need to be acquired, including residential, multi-family, commercial, warehouse, office, and storage properties. Due to environmental requirements, five historic homes were physically moved from the footprint of the new bridge. The coordination required to perform such a task involved INDOT, appraisers, buyers, relocation specialists, plan commissions, house movers, multiple utilities, police, realtors, public involvement, general contractors, and historic interest groups.

Ultimately, the project was completed weeks ahead of schedule and several million dollars under budget. A dedicated team with a strong focus allowed this project to be a success.