Christine Owens
Director of Planning and Development
Town of Cumberland
Team Involvement:
Alan Hamersly, P.E. - Department Manager
Dave Garwood, P.E. - Project Manager


The Pennsy trail is an integral part of the National Road Heritage Trail that will cross the entire State, from Terre Haute to Richmond. The 3.5-mile trail follows an abandoned Penn Central Railroad corridor that runs parallel with U.S. 40 through the Town of Cumberland.

One of the main features of the Trail is a 94-foot pre-engineered steel bow-string arch bridge that carries the Trail over Carroll Road, the county line road between Marion and Hancock Counties. Along with making key connections, the trail hosts Indiana's first 3 mile 1:1 billion scale model of the solar system with informative signs, as a way to help students and adults understand the vast size of our Solar System. The project spurred nearby park revitalization and redevelopment of existing and neglected retail and commercial space, including the US 40 Streetscape Revitalization.