Timothy Belcher, P.E.
Town Engineer
Town of Plainfield
Team Involvement:
David Lahey, P.E. - Principal
Matt Spidel, P.E - Project Manager

2013 ACEC State Finalist


The purpose of the project was to update the Department of Corrections (DOC) Plainfield Facility's existing sanitary sewer system. The existing sanitary sewer collection system consisted of over 17,000 feet of sewers and was over 100 years old. The outdated system caused wet weather overflows and unnecessary treatment of stormwater at the wastewater treatment plant as a result of excessive infiltration and inflow. The project included over 7,000 feet of cured in place pipe lining, 16,500 feet of sanitary sewer reconstruction, and the elimination of an existing lift station.

The project was completed under the Indiana Guaranteed Savings Contract statute and was completed using the State Revolving Fund. The project was completed utilizing a collaborative team effort that was essential to success as the project was designed and constructed in an active prison setting.

This was the first wastewater Guaranteed Savings Contract that truly paid for itself, saving approximately $500,000 annually by eliminating 600,000 gallons per day of inflow and infiltration during wet weather from the Town's sanitary system.