We provide outstanding client services through open communication, teamwork, honesty and anticipation of our clients' needs. Our clients call on us because we are a trusted advisor on their civil engineering projects. Governments and businesses desire our services when projects are being conceived because of our expertise and ability to understand and effectively articulate the issues involved. Our designs are clear and constructible.

Because of our outstanding reputation, we are invited to participate in the premier civil engineering projects. We are known for sound and innovative approaches and smooth running projects that are on time and within budget. Our work contributes to the wellbeing, quality of life and growth of the communities we serve.

One of our proprietary strengths is our system of internal processes. They are standardized for ease of learning and implementation, yet they are constantly monitored for opportunities to improve. This allows us to be very flexible and effective at mobilizing employees for any project, and ensures that tasks are performed correctly the first time. Although we work with a sense of urgency, we rarely work in stressful or emergency situations. We are collectively dedicated to practices which foster the health and safety of all employees.

Butler, Fairman and Seufert is a great place to create a fulfilling career. It is a genuine pleasure to come to work because we have exciting, challenging projects. Our work environment is friendly and family like. We are a diverse group who enrich and support each other. Our staff enjoys an atmosphere that promotes creativity and teamwork. Our fair and honest approach to business fosters open communication internally as well as with our clients. Our more experienced professionals mentor the younger and less experienced employees. Our staff members have the opportunity, and are expected, to learn and grow in responsibility and capability. We are family oriented and involved in our communities.

Our size and capability to serve existing and new clients throughout the Midwest continues to grow because of our outstanding reputation. Due to our sound fiscal management, we are in a position to respond when business opportunities arise.


Honesty: We exhibit character and integrity by being truthful and trustworthy.
Professionalism: We adhere to ethical principles and keep health, welfare and safety of the public, as our primary focus.
Consideration: We value relationships and nurture them by being caring, understanding and loyal.
Dedication: Through self-motivation and pride in our work, we are driven to perform at the highest level.
Accountability: We are responsible. We do what we say we will do.