BF&S Civil Engineers

Runway 9-27 Extension

Logansport/Cass County Airport
Logansport/Cass County Airport Authority


Logansport/Cass County Airport extended a single runway to 5,000 feet to accommodate larger business jet aircraft. Unfortunately, this important project to spur economic development had been stalled for several years due to the proximity to a solid waste landfill within 10,000 feet that impacted the FAA wildlife attractant buffer around the airport. BF&S was able to assist Logansport Cass County Airport with obtaining FAA approval of the wildlife hazard mitigation plan, and we successfully completed a Wildlife and Environmental Study to satisfy the FAA’s concerns.

The project consisted of constructing an 862’ runway extension with a parallel taxiway. A new PAPI-2 system was installed on the Runway 27 end along with an LPV approach with minimums of 250’ and three-quarters of a mile. These improvements increased the utility of the airport and will likely attract new business. BF&S included an innovative design element for ground cover which was an endophyte-enhanced grass seed that discourages wildlife and requires less maintenance. The project also included a road closure, relocation of a gas main, fiber optic lines, and a power line. Due to the complex elements associated with the project, BF&S is proud to have moved this previously stalled project and finish it nearly 10% under budget.