BF&S Civil Engineers

101st Avenue Bridge over I-65

Merrillville, IN
Town of Merrillville


The Town of Merrillville planned to enhance the corridor along 101st Ave., which included adding additional travel lanes and upgrading to a closed storm system with curb and gutter. To accomplish this, the existing structure over I-65 needed to be replaced and widened. The bridge was widened from 29′-6″ to 56′-7″, which accommodates 4, 11′-0″ wide travel lanes and a 6′-7″ pedestrian sidewalk. A total of 6, 36″ deep hybrid bulb-t beams were designed to minimally impact the existing vertical alignment, therefore further reducing the total amount of fill needed to erect the bridge. BF&S utilized the new state MSE wall design standards in order to produce the smallest structure possible over I-65, which resulted in 2 spans measuring 85′-6″. The new structure reduced obstructions within the limits of I-65 mainlines and resulted in minimal right-of-way impacts adjacent to the existing corridor. In addition, BF&S obtained an exception to the highway policy to allow I-65 to be reduced to one lane overnight each direction, which helped facilitate the removal of the existing bridge and improved safety conditions at the project site.