BF&S Civil Engineers

15th Street Reconstruction and Replacement of Bridge 284
over CSX Railroad

Washington, IN
Daviess County and City of Washington


Daviess County Bridge 284 is an existing timber bridge over CSX Railroad. This bridge is also known as the “overhead bridge” on 15th Street in the City of Washington.  It had become deteriorated beyond repair and required replacement. Due to its low vertical clearance, the structure had to be raised to meet the minimum railroad requirements. In addition, the current load posting did not allow for emergency vehicles to access the local hospital via this structure. This situation was extremely problematic as Bridge 284 is the only separated grade crossing in the City. Beyond the replacement of the bridge, the entire roadway was reconstructed including the addition of curbs, sidewalks, and storm sewers to eliminate drainage runoff. Access to the local hospital was greatly improved, which has added to the safety and protection of the community’s citizens.