BF&S Civil Engineers

Fall Creek Road Trail

Fishers, IN
City of Fishers


The original trail along Fall Creek Road in Fishers had been constructed in the early 1990s when the area’s population and roadway traffic were considerably less than they are today.  Even though the trail was narrow in some places and in need of repair and maintenance, it was heavily used by area residents for recreation and alternative transportation.  The City contracted with BF&S to redesign and enhance the corridor to increase trail capacity and improve safety for both trail users and vehicular traffic.  The 1.6-mile paved side path runs from the 96th Street roundabout to Brooks School Road.

The trail is situated between the roadway and the residences that front Geist Reservoir.  At a point, the trail runs along the water’s edge and crosses a small inlet to a neighborhood cove.  Potential conflicts with utilities, mailboxes, neighborhood signage and landscaping, public streets, and private drives were challenges all located along the route.  A high level of communication and coordination was needed with utility companies, homeowners’ associations, private homeowners, permitting agencies, and the Geist Impoundment Board, which provided a portion of the project’s funding. BF&S provided all design services for the development of this locally funded project, including survey, environmental and waterway permitting, utility coordination, trail and wall design, boardwalk and bridge design, right-of-way, and construction inspection.