BF&S Civil Engineers

Hagan-Burke Wetland Mitigation Plan

Carmel, IN
City of Carmel


The Hagan-Burke Trail connects the Monon Trail to Carmel High School and commercial areas on 146th Street.  This project provided access to trails for physical fitness with a focus on restoring the wildlife habitat in an urban setting; thus, creating a tranquil environment for improving one’s health.

The BF&S Environmental Department designed three habitat restoration areas for mitigation: a forested wetland, riparian floodplain, and an emergent wetland.  The wetland restoration areas use the trail’s runoff as a hydrology source that allows runoff to infiltrate into the ground.  This system uses wetland habitat creation as a green design principle to integrate the trail into a natural landscape with minimal effect.  The riparian floodplain restoration stabilizes the bank along Little Cool Creek and creates a connected wildlife corridor along the trail.