BF&S Civil Engineers

Jeffersonville Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

Jeffersonville, IN
City of Jeffersonville


BF&S was retained to complete the study of over 31 miles of alternative and active transportation routes across the city, including shared roadways, bike lanes, bicycle boulevards, two-way cycle tracks, one-way cycle tracks, and shared-use paths. The plan also encompassed a study of the current walkability of the city center and plans for improvements to sidewalks, crossings, street trees, planting buffers, and site furnishings. The level of plan detail also recognized immediate opportunities of implementation that could tackle “low-hanging fruit” routes that could be developed or enhanced quickly. The City’s programs and policies that would encourage safe, active transportation for citizens and visitors of all ages were an integral part of the plan.

The completion of this Master Plan coincided with the opening of the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge across the Ohio River. The long-awaited rehabilitation of the railroad bridge created a large influx of visitors from Louisville to Jeffersonville. The Master Plan laid out the foundation for accommodating and welcoming those visitors. This plan has improved Jeffersonville’s economic development, tourism, and safety through identifying high and low risk levels on all desired roadways.