BF&S Civil Engineers

Talon Stream Restoration

Plainfield, Indiana
City of Plainfield


BF&S staff performed chemical and physical data collection on two degraded streams that serve as tributaries to White Lick Creek. Using the data collected, the project team designed restoration projects tailored to alleviate erosion from channel downcutting. BF&S was able to control storm water volume by incorporating infiltration techniques at the site, providing riparian zone restoration, and providing water quality benefits from the use of in-stream channel modifications and a selection of native plants known for their phytoremediation capabilities. Phytoremediation was used to help prevent further leaching of contaminated soils from entering White Lick Creek. Data collected by BF&S led to the use of the phytoremediation design parameter. Monitoring for a data station required permanent photo point locations and consistency of data collection. BF&S achieved consistency using a Horiba U-10 Water Quality Testing Probe for collecting data on pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, and salinity. A full report documenting the results for each sample was created that accompanied the physical evaluation form (ex. QHEI) for that waterbody. GPS was taken at the sampling location to assure accuracy in pinpointing that location for future testing.