BF&S Civil Engineers

West Lafayette CSO / Roundabout & River Road Improvements

West Lafayette, IN
City of West Lafayette


The CSO Interceptor, Roundabout, and River Road Improvements Project was completed by the City of West Lafayette to comply with its Long-Term Control Plan and provide the necessary traffic improvements which serve as the eastern leg of the Perimeter Parkway around the Purdue University campus.  As part of the project, the intersection of River Road and Williams Street was converted into a multi-lane roundabout.  In order to improve vertical alignment in that area, the intersection had to be raised approximately 10 feet.  Another major factor was the timing consideration of the overlapping P3 Project known as “Re-State” which redeveloped the State Street corridor through the heart of West Lafayette and Purdue University. 



To avoid costly utility conflicts and unnecessary reconstruction of the Re-State Project, the City accelerated the CSO and River Road Improvements three years ahead of schedule using a Guaranteed Savings Contract (GSC) procurement. This method not only provided the accelerated schedule, but it also allowed for collaboration between the owner, engineers, and contractors during the design-build process.  This eliminated unnecessary steps and coordination through the completion of the design, and it provided additional savings in construction costs by incorporating contractor input for items such as means & methods, material delivery, schedule, ground water considerations, and many other design elements.


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